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 Hitman Pro 3.5.7 Build 116

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Mesaj Sayısı : 68
Kayıt tarihi : 30/01/10
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MesajKonu: Hitman Pro 3.5.7 Build 116   C.tesi Ekim 16, 2010 12:56 am

This software can help you find and remove new unknown threats.

HitmanPro does not need to install any third party sofware. It is a standalone program which looks for unknown and suspicious files, giving eachof them a score using a patent pending technique. Unknown andsuspicious files are automatically identified by online identificationservers. This means no software on your system.

Hitman Pro doesnot scan your system alphabetically, it scans disk objects in physicalorder on your disk. This also significantly lowers the stress on yourhardware. Furthermore, a lot of analysis tasks are performedconcurrently by deploying tasks multi-threaded. And if you own amulti-core processor, this software can efficiently use the extra coresin order to increase enumeration speed even more.

Hitman Prodoesn’t need to scan every file on your system. Why not? We haveprofiled standard systems so it knows which files are good. Also,Hitman actually focuses on finding objects that don’t behave like goodsoftware. Software that does not follow trustworthy guidelines willautomatically receive a higher score than software that isuninstallable by the user, identifyable, digitally signed, unencrypted,uncompressed, visible and accessible.

The engine also tries tofind out where the software came from, how it got on your system andwhat other people say about it on the internet. That probably soundscommon sense or seem impossible to some of you but we are certain youwill be astonished on how well the scoring system works.

Toremove malicious software the developers have also built a specialremoval engine that is capable of removing the toughest threats. Anative NT application is capable of removing resilient threats beforeWindows starts. And of course, including corresponding references likeregistry keys and shortcuts. All without the need of updates andsignatures. Limitations:

· Unlimited free scanning and free 30-day version to remove detected malware What's New in This Release: [ [Linkleri görebilmek için üye olun veya giriş yapın.] ]

· Added support for Alternate Data Streams (ADS).
· Added new Setup dialog that is displayed after the EULA.
· Users using Hitman Pro from an USB stick no longer have to use the /noinstall switch.
· Improved Early Warning Scoring related to gossip classifier which improves detection of 0-day rogues.
· Fixed occasional product activation problems.
· Fixed a problem where the Scan at startup would not honor the Default scan mode.
· Updated Botan crypto library.
· Updated libpng library.
· Updated SQLite library.
· Updated several translations.
· Several minor improvements.
Add new command line switches for corporate environments:
· /nostartboot - does not install the 'Scan at startup' component
· /nostartmenushortcut - does not create start menu shortcuts
· /nodesktopshortcut - does not create desktop shortcut

[Linkleri görebilmek için üye olun veya giriş yapın.][Linkleri görebilmek için üye olun veya giriş yapın.]

[Linkleri görebilmek için üye olun veya giriş yapın.][Linkleri görebilmek için üye olun veya giriş yapın.]

[Linkleri görebilmek için üye olun veya giriş yapın.][Linkleri görebilmek için üye olun veya giriş yapın.]

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Hitman Pro 3.5.7 Build 116
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